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What Is Direct Access?

Direct Access to physical therapy services allows patients to schedule with a physical therapist without getting a referral from a physician.

Under the Direct Acces guidelines, patients can be evaluated and then treated for 30 days from the date of the initial evaluation by a physical therapist with a Direct Access license.

One of the big advantages of Direct Access is being able to start treatment for musculoskeletal, balance, and other physical problems much sooner since you do not have to wait to get an appointment with your doctor. The sooner you can begin treatment the faster your problem can be resolved, saving you time and money spent on copays. In addition, you save time and the cost of an appointment with your doctor.

Most patient problems can be resolved within the 30-day time frame for Direct Access and the treatments are covered by most insurance plans.

If you have further questions about Direct Access, call THE pt GROUP at 1-800-783-1008 or any of our conveniently located offices in your area.

Direct Access Offices

Apollo /// Greensburg-Pellis Rd /// Greensburg Ortho & Sports /// Harrison City/Penn Township /// Irwin/N. Huntingdon /// Mt. Pleasant /// Murrysville /// Penn Hills

Direct Access – Physical therapy evaluation and treatment without a physician’s referral for up to 30 days is permitted by PA legislation, regulation, and licensure. Highmark, Health America, Cigna, UPMC, and Aetna recognize and reimburse for Direct Access; Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs do not. All other insurance is authorized on a case-by-case basis. The following offices accept Direct Access clients.