Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Why is physical therapy effective?

A: Physical therapists are licensed to evaluate and treat non-surgical, pre-surgical, and post surgical musculoskeletal diagnoses. Physical therapy can help avoid surgery, stabilize and educate prior to surgery, or help the healing process to restore function.


Q: How has THE pt GROUP lasted since 1978?

A: The group has concentrated on a high level of personal care. By seeing the same licensed therapist on each visit, treatment goals are met as quickly and safely as possible. Many physicians have requested that we open new offices, and we now have 20 offices in five counties. Because we are very results-oriented, one of the goals may be to return someone to the pre-injury position, understanding all the forces are at work in this difficult process. This concentration on results has made us very cost-effective in the managed care environment.


Q: What health insurance does THE pt GROUP accept?

A: See Insurance Updates for a current list of providers.


Q: What if there is a financial  hardship?

A: THE pt GROUP participates in Gateway and United Health Community Partners and has a self-pay rate as well as case-by-case review if there is a financial hardship before starting, or if benefits have been used up.


Q: How do I make an appointment at THE pt GROUP?

A: See New Patient info, or call 1-800-783-1008.