A few words from our patients.

We’d like to take this opportunity to share the many favorable client testimonials remarks our practice received from numerous clients regarding the physical therapy services they received throughout the past year.

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“Most attentive, customer service oriented place I have ever been associated with. Keep up the excellent work.  Such a welcoming establishment.”

“Great service and care. I am doing much better!”

“My time at The pt Group has exceeded my expectations! By my second appointment everyone had already known my name and was treating me as if I had been there for months.”

“Excellent experience! Would highly recommend.  Extremely beneficial.  Great group of professionals.”

“The best staff and care I have received by far from any therapist!”

“This group is the most caring and friendly people I’ve been to. Thanks to them I can use my right shoulder properly.”

“The therapist is one of the best I have ever had. Her knowledge of therapy is amazing.”

“The treatment, courtesy, care, concern, friendliness, knowledge and expertise of everyone in this group is beyond excellent. There is a great team here and I’m glad I came here for help and I got the help I needed.”

“This is my third or fourth time receiving physical therapy treatment at The pt Group. I choose this group and location because of the excellent rehab program I receive and the extremely qualified and personal staff.”

“The staff at The pt Group are excellent. They are all very dedicated to the recovery of the patients.  I would recommend this office to anyone seeking rehabilitation therapy.”

“……really I would not go anywhere else. This is my third or fourth time coming here following a surgery.  Each time, this great team of experts send me back to work stronger than before.  I so appreciate their courtesy and professionalism.”

“The entire staff is always supportive – good with explanations of the purpose of each exercise they supervise. My husband and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physical therapy.”

“Everyone here has made my recovery a great experience. If I need physical therapy again I will definitely come back.”

“The staff couldn’t have been any better. Excellent treatment, very satisfied with the entire program…”

“[The staff] were all excellent in the care they have given me! My arm/shoulder feels so much better than when I first came to see them!  I will continue to come here in the future with any therapy needs as well as recommend The pt Group to anyone who needs therapy!  Thanks for the excellent care!”

“Couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapy experience. If I ever need physical therapy again, I will definitely come back and will happily recommend this office to anyone I know.”

“[The staff] are excellent. They are very professional at their jobs.  They want to see their patients get well.   They have gone above and beyond what I expected.”

“I began therapy with apprehension as I was so worried about my back pain returning.  [The staff] were patient, understanding and supportive.  They pushed gently and were attentive to all my questions and concerns.  After 2 weeks I felt good, by the end of my therapy I am in better shape than prior to my injury.  Excellent care.”

“Best place to go when you need therapy!”

“The location is not close to me but worth the drive. [Therapist] has intuitive skills on top of excellent physical therapy skills.  I’m better in a very short period of time and she [therapist] knew exactly where to target my treatment.  I am grateful.”

“The pt Group is a wonderful place to get physical therapy. The people work great with you and make sure you understand everything completely.  I would recommend The pt Group to anyone I know.”

“I can’t say enough complimentary things about The pt Group. Everyone here is friendly, compassionate, and professional.  [Therapist] has been a major factor in my recovery from knee replacement surgery with his calm demeanor and ability to calm my “recovery paranoia.”  I would happily suggest to anyone who needs physical therapy that this office would be an awesome choice.”

“I would not be treated for therapy anywhere else.”

“….I feel I receive the most professional, personable, and therapeutic care at The pt Group!”

“Best place for therapy!”

“I have used The pt Group for rehab of my foot, knee, back, elbow, shoulder and neck.  Every time it has been a great experience!!”

“Most excellent here.  Have had other PT (physical therapy) that does not compare.”

“I had an excellent experience at this establishment.  I am very satisfied with my recovery and those who helped me get better.”

“I cannot give a higher praise for the staff of The pt Group.  They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and make me feel very comfortable and confident.  I am a repeat consumer and will continue to use your services if the need arises.  After therapy, I am able to do much more than I have in years.  I plan on continuing with my exercise program to improve my abilities, strength and stamina.  Thank you very much for improving my life.”

“I’m so glad I came here.  I prefer to have a one-on-one contact with the therapist and that is what I got.  She wasn’t in a hurry to get done with me.  Made me feel better about the whole experience.”

“The staff and therapist here are exceptional.  Everything was done to ensure my getting better.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

“The staff made my therapy enjoyable.  I have recovered from surgery beyond my own expectations because of my therapy.”

“I am very pleased with my experience and with my outcome.  I was surprised that I saw the same physical therapist and team each time I came for treatment.  They all knew my areas of concern and helped me get back to 100%. I highly recommend The pt Group.”

“My overall experience was awesome!!”

“Due to the service I received the first time I came to this office, it was a no-brainer to come back to this office when I found myself needing therapy again.”

“My care has been excellent.  The staff took time to explain everything to me and answered all my questions in detail.  I am starting to feel better just after 3 sessions.”

“The entire staff is not only helpful but very friendly.  I find the hands-on approach very helpful and I feel I’m healing quickly.”

“I am very pleased with the care I got.  Within 2 weeks I feel almost 100% better.  This place works wonders and I would recommend to anyone to come here.”

“This group of people are the best.”

“Always pleased with therapy received in this office.  All staff are very helpful and caring.  Treat all with dignity and respect.  They all want to see you succeed.”

“You are all tops in your field.”

“Never want to go anywhere else for my PT (physical therapy) needs!”

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